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Obtaining pilot certificates is rarely enough for a person to be hired as a commercial pilot. Most commercial pilot jobs, including airline and corporate pilot jobs, require a minimum number of hours just to apply. It’s not uncommon for a pilot to earn a commercial pilot certificate and still not have enough qualifications to apply for a decent job.

Most pilots who want to become a charter or airline pilot, must obtain many more flight hours than they received during training. This is especially true for turbine hours.

Fly with our fleet of King Air B200s on empty legs, reposition flights and other suitable flight legs. To accomplish your training you need to be flexible with your time and travel. Some of our training flights will require air travel to various destinations within the USA to join our crew. Sometimes you’ll need to stay put for several days before another flight opens.

You’ll receive a complete initial ground school and training for our aircraft. High-time, experienced training captains will mentor you throughout the process.

This is a fantastic opportunity for every pilot to gain experience with aircraft, a PT6 engine and mechanics. Within a short amount of time you’ll be really ready as a professional pilot

Mark Spitzenreiter

Chiefpilot, Michigan Charter

Included in every course


Complete ground school 25 hours

Simulator training recovering unusual attitudes 5 hours

Training captain for entire course

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