Flying with a Mentor Pilot

Flying with a mentor pilot will positively affect your coverage and your premium!
Aircraft owners who move up to larger more complicated twins, turbines, or turboprop aircraft will often find that even after the required initial training or type rating required, most insurance companies are asking for mentor pilot time. In many cases, insurance companies will require a period of time spent flying with a mentor pilot.

Approval for unrestricted single-pilot operations is based on an individual underwriting review of each account. Assuming an account meets the criteria to make it an acceptable single-pilot risk, an additional premium of approximately 35 percent may be charged and the pilot will often be required to maintain a “Pro-card”-recognition of the highest standards of proficiency-in the make and model from an appropriate training facility like P3air.

Very Low Time

  • Total Time (100% = 1000 hours) 20% 20%
  • High Performance 5% 5%
  • Complex 5% 5%
  • Multi Engine 2% 2%
1It is often recommended by your insurance underwriter to receive some pre-initial training, before you join the actual initial training course. After a successful completion of your initial training course your mentor pilot will be your flight companion for various times. Depending on your skills this could be limited to dual only for 25 hours in the first year or 200 hours.

Low Time

  • Total Time (100% = 1000 hours) 25% 25%
  • High Performance 10% 10%
  • Complex 10% 10%
  • Multi Engine 10% 10%

2The captain will re-evaluate your capabilities, and if satisfied with skill set you may be signed off for unrestricted single-pilot operation after you attend a recurrent training course.

All Pilots

  • Total Time (100% = 1000 hours) 80% 80%
  • High Performance 35% 35%
  • Complex 25% 25%
  • Multi Engine 20% 20%

3All pilots be required to go through a full initial training course and fly with a captain who’s well qualified in the airplane for probably at least 25 hours.

For an owner who plans to fly his personal turboprop as a single pilot, insurance companies may only write $5 million to $10 million policy. When training under a mentor pilot, the cap is generally $25 million to $50 million.

Mike Sanders - Underwriter

William Pass is an insurance approved and recommended Mentor Pilot – worldwide

William Pass and his pilots are qualified training captains and mentor pilots. With a flight experience of more than 150 years in aviation all together, thousands of hours in King Airs and turboprops, you not only gain experience in your new aircraft, but also the confidence that comes from honing your skills with right-seat veterans at your side.

With full access to appropriate flight simulator, not only can we prepare you for your first, required initial training course, we actually can sign you off.

With our dedicated guidance as your mentor pilot, coupled with my expertise in Garmin G1000/530/430, Avidyne, and other advanced avionics, we can help you to make the most of this valuable experience.


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