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What fires our rocket?

We are a small company. We avoid brick-and-motar facilities, large local presence and fancy job-titles. Why? Because of its costs.

Costs need to be passed on to our clients and that’s what all of traditional FBOs, facilities and shops have to do. Remember, they are revenue driven enterprises mostly like you are.

Our world and how we provide services is changing. Small doesn’t mean you can do things better. Actually you can and we do. We are cutting edge in using technologies to minimize our finacial foorprint.

Owning an larger aircraft (jet or turboprop) involves money. The question is how smart do you want to spent it?

So OK, we are also not your typical training facility. Our instructors and training captains do not suck the air out of a classroom. Our training is exciting and flight-scenario oriented. Our headquarter is in Los Angeles for a reason. Our pilots fly here. It is one of the busiest airspace in use in the world. And as the old saying goes – If you can fly here, you can fly everywhere.

We are active pilots. We fly real airplanes. That’s what we’re good at. No nonsense, no frills – but efficient and safe. Regardless if you are an owner pilot in Florida or Idaho, or an aspiring rookie in Oregon – our training captains have probably flown your aircraft, your make and model somewhere in the world making a living with her. Flying a turboprop is managing an aircraft. Hot sections are not cheap, but ill-trained pilots are very costly.

So, if you are thinking of buying a biz jet or turboprop, transitioning into one or just looking for the best training, you should give us a call.


William Pass

P3air LLC

William Pass

William Pass

Training Captain

ATP | MEI | CFI(I) | 135 | TW

A qualified training captain and mentor pilot with a flight experience of more than 30 years and 15.000+ flight hours

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