Turbine Time Building

Turbine time building is one of the most important and expensive tasks that aspiring commercial pilots must undertake.



So now that you got yourself a Commercial Pilot Certificate or CPL as it is known outside of the United States, how do you go about building that turbine flight time or turbine flight experience to make it to that first airline or charter pilot job interview? Airline hiring has traditionally been a roller-coaster ride.

There are times when even the pilots with a few weeks old commercial certificate get hired immediately by a Regional Airline, and then there are times like right now that it is almost impossible to even find a charter operator that is even accepting job applications. This has been the way of an airline or charter pilot job prospective ever since the dawn of commercial aviation, and probably will `always be the same.

What do we do in the meanwhile, until that first real paid pilot job? We “build turbine time” or turbine flight experience, and keep doing it until we achieve our goal. Here is a very promising way that airline and charter pilots have traditionally used to gain that well needed turbine flight time before they got hired:

Turbine Time Building

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